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In the business market, where competition is fierce, many parameters affect the Profitability of your company. Studies have determined that one of the most Major and significant parameters is the quality of service provided to the customer.

Do you have control over your employees? Is the level of service of your company's current earnings offensive?

Today, some tools can help you to identify the quality of service issues in the organization and outside it.


How can you do this?

EXPOSE provides you professional service, that includes working undercover, Mystery shopper and complementary technological services which give you complete control over what is happening in your Organization.


Services include:

Our Mystery shopper Service

Service that allows you to receive professional feedback and problems about the level of service, reliability, representation, and loyalty of your employees to the business.

 Services including:

Mystery shopper Frontal and telephone Control, Mystery shopper Control filmed video can be used for feedback and training employees.



Undercover Service

This service allows you to know what is going on in your business. We can provide you professional undercover workers, comes from the domain in which your company is engaged, so he understands how you act and speak "the language" of your company and for that he can fade in your organization quickly and easily without arousing suspicion.



This service opens up a world of essential knowledge about the activities of your competitors, their pricing levels and their organizational structure. A powerful instrument that will allow you to know much more about your business and how it is positioned comparing to the competition and at the same time opens ways to Streamlining and improving it.


EXPOSE-Is to improve the quality of service of your business.

If the result of our control process identify a problem in your business that requires an immediate response,

such as the supply of skilled manpower, we will give you a fast professional and quality response that will help you solve the problem.

This is possible thanks to the collaboration we have with our parent company, LM Ltd., a leading player in the field of human resource.

LM company operates in 25 branches nationwide and infrastructure of thousands of skilled workers are available from Eilat to Metulah so wherever your business running - we cover you and are available to you immediately.

We invite you to join today EXPOSE services company

a service that will help you know what is happening in your company, to understand where is the problem and improve the performance of business immediately.

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